Frequently Asked Questions

How much time commitment will this be?

It all depends on you. Member meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month. As an association, we also participate in several community events and fundraisers and encourage participation of our members. None of these events are mandatory, but they are encouraged.

Why should I be a member of the MLTBA?

As a member, you are included in special marketing and promotional events.  Becoming involved with the association offers the opportunity to advocate for your business through various events and networking opportunities.

What does the membership fee pay for?

These funds support the administrative and organizational costs, marketing and promotional efforts and special projects funded by the MLTBA. Additionally, once the membership is collected, your business will be advertised under our “Current Members” page with a link to your business page.

What is the cost for membership? When is it collected?

Membership is $150. Dues are collected annually and are prorated at the time your business joins the association.

How do I join the MLTBA?

To join, attend  one of the MLTBA monthly member meetings, fill out an application and pay your dues.